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April 27, 2020 1 min read

This cinnamon latte stars our Nourish My Brain blend and silky oat milk. With only 4 minutes of prep time, this latte is sure to set you up for a groovie day (and groovie brain!)


How to Make: 

Sift cinnamon together with the Nourish My Brain blend in a mug, while heating oat milk in a pot on medium heat. Once oat milk is simmering, pour a splash of the milk in your mug, mixing the blend together like matcha! Use a milk frother to froth the oat milk, then add the frothy milk to the adaptogen mixture. Then slowly mix in the vanilla extract and you're all set! Enjoy to have a groovie brain! 

Recipe courtesy of Alyssa from @groovieworm


From this recipe: 

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