Hi! I'm Nadine, Founder of Peak and Valley

It all started in 2015 - I was a stressed out neuroscience researcher, juggling multiple projects, and experiencing the symptoms of chronic stress. Even after my schedule balanced out, my symptoms persisted. And so I did what I knew - scoured the library of scientific publications for a solution. Growing up, my mom had instilled a holistic approach to health within me, and so I looked for natural remedies at the intersection of science and traditional medicine. 

After months of research, I uncovered the botanicals that would help - and formulated our signature blends for skin, brain, and stress support. 

But I soon discovered the shady herbal trade. I wanted to know: Where did the ingredients come from - what cultures and traditions have used these ingredients before? Were the farmers being compensated fairly? Were these ingredients farmed with sustainability in mind? Most of the time suppliers refused to share where they procured herbs from (and sometimes didn’t even know!). 

And so I decided to travel worldwide and source all of our herbs myself, with the goal to support and uplift the global herbal community through our direct sourcing practices. I established simple rules for Peak and Valley’s sourcing practices (read more here), and we’ve been at it ever since. 

With Peak and Valley, I’m hoping to build a better herbal trade - one with transparent sourcing, unquestionably high quality ingredients, and science-backed knowledge. Thank you for supporting our journey! 

Nadine Joseph
Founder & CEO

Our Values

Holistic Wellness

Wellness isn't a magic pill. At Peak and Valley, we're all about a holistic approach to overall health, while using supplements as herbal allies along that wellness journey. 

Mindful Sourcing

No shady sourcing practices here - we're all about sourcing directly from the people who farm our botanicals, and ensuring the relationship is equitable and sustainable.


Each ingredient in our products is at the intersection of science and traditional medicine. Meaning? Everything we say, from our Instagram posts to our labels is supported by a plethora of scientific research. No snake oil here, we're the real deal.

Mindful Sourcing

We believe that, as a wellness company, we should ensure the wellness of all people up and down our supply chain. Most companies in this space have a supply chain with many ‘middle men’ - auction houses, importers/exporters, etc. What gets lost along the way here is the source. Many herbal supplement companies have no idea where their herbs come from. We're trying to flip the narrative by nurturing relationships directly with our farming partners. 

Prioritize Direct Sourcing

No more than two degrees of separation between our company and the farmer, with the 2nd degree being a co-op or an intermediary that specializes in ethical sourcing.

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Purchase Natively

Purchase our crop from the native region, when it is ethically possible to do so. This way, we are financially supporting the cultures that these herbs come from. 

Support Sustainability

Work with partners who make a commitment to increasing resilience to climate change through regenerative agriculture practices, renewable energy usage, and biodiversity support.

Our Progress

Accomplishing all 3 of these goals is incredibly difficult, and something no other supplement company has done. Out of our 15 ingredients, 9 meet these standards. Our goal is to get to 100% by April of 2023.

Next Sourcing Trip: Ashwagandha (Madhya Pradesh, India), January 2022

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