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This blend uses adaptogenic herbs to help manage stress, and potent organic botanicals to help overcome mental blocks, boost memory ability, and increase focus.*

Add 1 tsp 8 oz of your favorite drink: a warm nut milk latte, tea, coffee, water or smoothie.

a bit nutty, lightly sweet, pleasantly herbal

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Nature doesn't require many ingredients

Other herbal blends contain sweeteners and questionably effective ingredients. Ours are science backed, and optimized for maximum bioavailability.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Boosts learning and memory ability, protects

against cognitive decline and reduces

symptoms of anxiety + depression.

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1.5 g/day                                               Jiangsu, China

Snow Mushroom

Neuroprotective, alleviates free radical

activity and reduces inflammation

in the brain.

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700 mg/day                                               Jiangsu, China


Reduces and manages the

body's reaction to stress.


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300 mg/day                             Uttar Pradesh, India

Maca Root

Improves memory recall and overall

learning ability. Also protects against

depression and age-related cognitive decline.


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500 mg/day                                                               Peru


Brain Blend

Smart is the new sexy. Genius Mushroom is a neuroscience-backed super mushroom + adaptogen blend that helps to boost mental output, overcome mental blocks, and boost memory ability. Perfect for avoiding distractions during long meetings, powering through an afternoon of creative time, or just helping you stay sharp. With Genius Mushroom, you’ll be putting your smarty pants in no time at all.