Hi! We're Pretty Mushroom. Nice to meet you!

We make plant-based elixirs to enhance your beauty, mood, and mind. Why? Let’s face it: the modern world isn’t exactly friendly to our bodies. Constant phone notifications, overwhelming responsibilities, and our fast paced culture have all contributed to a less than healthy lifestyle for many of us. So, we decided to create blends that help you look good and feel good.

Jeffery Saeteurn

CTO + Co-Founder

Growing Up with parents who grew and foraged for *all* of the ingredients on the dinner table, Jeff has always had a mind for wellness. After graduating with a computer science degree form Princeton, he decided to use his skills to make wellness inclusive for everyone, everywhere.

We are a small team from Seattle, WA that started in 2018 with the mission of bringing inclusive, fun, and honest products to the world of wellness. Keeping in line with that mission, our ingredients are always organic or wildcrafted, vegan, and ethically sourced.

Nadine Joseph
CEO + Co-Founder

After studying neuroscience at Johns Hopkins, Nadine yearned for a way to combine her interest of holistic wellness with her desire to help others live healthy lives. She created Pretty Mushroom as a way to simplify the oftentimes confusing world of adaptogens into something easy, approachable, and science-backed.