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~ What People Say ~

"I wanted to give myself some time to really experiment with this blend before sharing my thoughts AND I love it. I like to add this blend to my smoothies and tea and I love the warm taste of this blend. Additionally, in conjunction with additional intentional practices, this blend does make a difference. I have seen a difference in my overall mood when using this blend so that’s pretty cool. Looking forward to continue to incorporate this into my routines."

Shalanda Grier (Balance My Stress Blend)

"I was a skeptical at first, but this is my second refill purchase and I couldn't be more happy with the results! My afternoon brain fog slump is gone! I don't have any ill side effects and I definitely feel a little off my game when I don't take it in the morning. So now I add a little bit to my cup of morning chai, made with almond milk, and Nourish My Brain Blend has become a must have of my morning routine."

Sarah H. (Nourish My Brain Blend)