Chill Society Affiliate Dashboard




Chill Society Affiliate Dashboard

Welcome to the Chill Society! We're so glad you're here. Here are some things to note as a member of our program:

  • All Stressless Society members are required create 1 Instagram post and 3 stories with your chosen blend per month.
  • When posting, you should use the hashtag #chillsociety and #peakandvalley, while also tagging us in the photo and description.
  • We also recommend putting your referral link in your bio (we recommend using Linktree if you have more than one link).
  • Your referral link and discount code give your audience 15% off their whole order.
  • Take a look at our Adaptogens 101 guide for more info on the benefits of adaptogens. 
  • If you ever have any questions, contact us at