Balance Blend

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This blend uses adaptogenic herbs to help manage stress, and potent organic botanicals to help reduce fatigue, create an overall sense of balance, and promote daily wellness.*

Add 1 tsp 8 oz of your favorite drink: a warm nut milk latte, tea, coffee, water or smoothie.

a deep chocolatey cocoa, with a pleasantly earthy undertone

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Nature doesn't require many ingredients

Other herbal blends contain sweeteners and questionably effective ingredients. Ours are science backed, and optimized for maximum bioavailability.


Reduces and manages the

body's stress response

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300 mg/day                               Uttar Pradesh, India

Reishi Mushroom

Up and down regulates

the body's immune response

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1 g/day                                                   Jiangsu, China

Eleuthero Root

Provides neuroprotection

and protects against fatigue.

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700 mg/day                               Uttar Pradesh, India

Cocoa Powder

Provides cognitive and

cardiovascular benefits through

improved blood flow.


1 g/day                                                     Juanjui, Peru

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